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Following the successful City Challenge Crowdhackathon #smartcity, Central Union of Greek Municipalities is organizing the 2nd Innovation Marathon City Challenge Crowdhackathon #smartcity2. It will take place from June 28th to July 1st at Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. The contestants are to develop pilot services and applications solving problems that Local Authorities face and supporting local and national development through new technologies. The Marathon will host special events such as a student innovation contest and local citylabs in 16 cities of Greece.

Citylabs in 16 cities

Local citylabs will be held in 16 cities of Greece where teams from each region will have the opportunity to present their ideas. The best teams will be able to participate in the marathon and the costs will be covered by the Municipalities.

Open Smartcity Day in Athens

We discuss the innovation marathon, issues, ideas and the process along with Municipalities, citizens, representatives of civil society, companies.

Student Contest

Students from all over the country can join and the best ideas are presented during the marathon. They actively participate and solve problems that local communities and cities face.

crowdhackathon #smartcity2

Teams made up of developers, professionals, students and anyone with ideas to be implemented, are welcome to participate.



Click here for the City Challenge crowdhackathon #smartcity2 program.


Thematic areas and examples of applications

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Thematic Areas

Submit your idea.

It might be implemented!

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Through the Participation Platform, you can also send us your ideas and suggestions , as well as comment on and evaluate other citizens’ ideas.


PRIZES / prizes



Cisco, as technology partner will host a winner team from KEDE City Challenge Crowdhackathon, at Mi-IDEA innovation centre, in Manchester.

Extra prizes will constantly be announced until the beginning of the event.

PRIZES / prizes


Cisco, as technology partner will host a winner team from KEDE City Challenge Crowdhackathon, at Mi-IDEA innovation centre, in Manchester.

More prizes will be posted until the event takes place.

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Inspiring Experts /

Costas Kapsouropoulos

Policy Officer @ Directorate General Communications Networks, Content and Technology, Unit H4 e-Government and Trust European Commission

Jonathan Reichental

Chief Information Officer (CIO) City of Palo Alto

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That’s a good question.

The 2nd Innovation Marathon of Central Union of Greek Municipalities aims to make the digital transformation of cities known to every city and people of every age.

If you are a student and have ideas or suggestions on applications and solutions that will make your city better, we suggest you participate in the Student Contest. There, students from all over Greece will be able to submit their ideas to us. At the beginning of June, the teams selected (10 to 15 teams) will be notified to present their idea live on June 30th, 2018 at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. Those distinguished will receive gifts and prizes.

If you want to implement an application – MVP during the marathon and you are alone or part of a team, you can directly register to participate in the Marathon provided you can come to Athens at your own expense.

If you live near a city where a CityLab will take place, you can register to participate in the CityLab. If you qualify, we will notify you so that you can present your idea and, if you are distinguished, you will come to Athens for free (travel and accommodation costs will be covered) to compete in the Marathon that will be held from June 28th to July 1st for prizes worth over € 20,000.

The involvement of local communities is of great importance. If you represent or work in a Municipality or another organization of your city, you can help bring the digital transformation to your city.

  • You can record ideas, problems or issues that you would like to see addressed by the applications to be created during the Marathon through a Consultation.
  • You can help by promoting the event in local communities and groups of students, professionals etc. that may be interested in participating.
  • You can participate in the event as a mentor or volunteer.

If a CityLab is to be held in your city, please contact the organizing team.

We are glad that you do.

The entire cost of the event is covered by Central Union of Greek Municipalities and the sponsors, as the participation of all contestants is FREE.

If you are interested in participating in the event and supporting by providing money or services in kind, please contact the organizing team.

The team and its members. See Terms and Conditions of the competition here.

Every person that has registered to participate in the competition should be present during the entire competition.


Stavros Niarchos
Foundation Cultural Center
364, Andrea Siggrou Avenue,
176 74 Kallithea


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