Future Greek Rail Hackathon

23 – 24 October 2021 | Innovathens (100 Pireaus Str., Gazi), hybrid

Future Greek Rail Hackathon is an open innovation technological action and aims to activate (community activation) the innovation ecosystem, institutions and companies to create original applications that promote the digital transformation of OSE through new and innovative social and innovative applications with social impact.


Antivirus Crowdhackathon as Greek National Curator at Pan European Hackathon #EUvs Virus in order to overcome the crisis of COVID-19

#EUvsVirus Pan - European Hackathon 24, 25 & 26 April 2020

Registrations will be open till 24th April 2020

We invite any interested individual, team or company to participate in the competition:

By developing innovative methodologies and applications that address these issues (participants - contestants).

By proposing issues or challenges related to the digital transformation of OSE that need a solution and by developing an application to tackle them (public submission of proposals - consultation).

Supporting this effort (mentors, sponsors, supporters, public organizations, companies, collective entities).


Creating a culture of innovation and collaboration.

Support for youth and innovative entrepreneurship, opportunities for young people, fight against unemployment.

Support for the local economy, as competitors from all over Greece will be able to participate.

Highlight smart and innovative solutions and the challenges created around railway-related applications as well as the public dealing with related issues.

Improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of institutions dealing with social issues / social actions utilizing new emerging technologies.

Interconnection with the technological innovation and entrepreneurship community of our country.

Creating an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship in actions related to rail transport.

Thematic Areas of the Hackathon

The following are indicative thematic areas and examples, which will be enriched during the marathon.

Railway infrastructure and procedures

  • Smart use of maps and network visualisation
  • Digitisation of back office processes
  • Training of executives - development of digital skills through actions of OSE
  • Digital workflows
  • Use of new and "smart" materials on the railway
  • Mechanisms and procedures for measuring railway traffic data with modern meters and IoT technologies, big data etc
  • Mechanisms and tools for monitoring civil engineering works (e.g. bridges, tunnels)
  • Applications for security issues, especially in the open railway line
  • Commercial use of optical fibres, telecommunications
  • Digital twin modeling

Green management, environmental protection and social solidarity

  • Green cities and rail transport
  • Transport and communication systems with a green footprint
  • Accessibility of public spaces
  • Participatory planning
  • Applications for the environment
  • Applications and services of social interest (e.g. civil protection, environmental protection, social solidarity actions, etc.)
  • Applications to support local communities in relation to OSE infrastructure, applications to promote volunteering, etc.

Passenger experience and information mechanisms

  • Interconnection of information mechanisms for public and private means of transport, smart routing applications, etc
  • Upgrade of journey infotainment
  • Smart ticketing
  • Departure / arrival optimisation
  • Use of combined means of transport (smart mobility
  • Booking & ticketing engine
  • Sentiment mapping
  • Digital assistants

Data Utilisation

  • Smart routing
  • Telematics data
  • Weather data
  • Use of any kind of open data
  • Passenger data
  • Creation of dashboards for decision making

Commercial Transport

  • Optimisation of transport efficiency per km of freight transport connection
  • Interconnection with logistics centres and update of current status
  • Real-time monitoring of freight transport connections
  • Connection of logistics centres and industrial areas with railway transport


  • September 10, 2021

    Open Call & Submission of issues and problems for Challenges

  • October 5, 2021

    Sending Technical Specifications (via Slack)

  • September 28, 2021

    Open Day

  • October 23-24, 2021

    Future Greek Rail Hackathon


Submission of Issues and Problems

Publishing Technical Specifications

Creating Teams with remote collaborative tools

Future Greek Rail Hackathon

Pitching of ideas and solutions via video conferencing tools!


Along with the innovation marathon, we will be holding online creativity competitions for children and pupils, starting with a painting and crafts competition on #stayhome.


The total cash prizes are set at € 18,000, and will be distributed as follows:




Yiannis Yiannarakis

Digital Innovation Coordinator, GRNET

Yannis Charalabidis

Professor of Digital Governance Head, Digital Governance Research Center Director, Aegean University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit

George Karamanolis

Co-Founder & CTO/CIO at Crowdpolicy - Chairman of Hellenic Blockchain Hub

Konstantinos Vaitsas

Head of Digital Innovation, Alpha Bank

Christos Kalloniatis

Associate Professor and President of the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication of the University of the Aegean

Konstantinos N. Dalivigkas

IT Director, ΟΣΕ

Spyros Pateras

President & CEO , OSE


Michael Psallidas

Managing Director, Crowdpolicy

Christos Kalloniatis

Associate Professor and President of the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication of the University of the Aegean

Athanasios Charemis

Innovation Consultant, Horizon 2020 Energy National Contact Point, National Documentation Centre

Dimitris Kosmidis

Business Innovation & Technology Management Consultant DAEM S.A. | City of Athens - IT Company

Dimitris Panopoulos

Labour Market Data Analyst , Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs DG CONNECT National Expert REBRAIN GREECE Technical Coordinator

Marios Balis

Περιβαλλοντολόγος | Μέλος ΕΤΕΠ στο Τμήμα Περιβάλλοντος του Πανεπιστημίου Αιγαίου

George Prokopos

Economist, PR Manager Youth Entrepreneurship Club, SDG CC UoP

Dr. Maria Chatziantoniou

Lecturer (Department) - Department of Environment - University of the Aegean

Dora Trachana

Prinicipal at Uni.Fund VC

Iordanis Papadopoulos

Innovation coach at Eurobank

Dimitris Mousadakos

CEO at Big Blue Data Academy

Ektoras Chandakas

Assistant COO, Trainose

Theodoros Kotzastavros

Open Innovation Lead, Crowdpolicy

Alexandros Dalkalitsis

Energy & Sustainability Engineer, Trainose

Vassilios Vlachakis

Innovation, IP & Patent Consultant, KAINAGORA Innovation & IP Consultants

Christos Ioakimidis

Senior Researcher, ΕΚΕΤΑ/ΙΜΕΤ

Thanos Markantonis

Manager External Parties, Optima Bank

Konstantinos N. Dalivigkas

IT Director, ΟΣΕ

Martha Plexida

CEO Consultant ΕΥΔΑΠ ΑΕ

Mariza Melliou

Group Audit Director, OPAP

Yannis Maglaras

Managing Director, Ticknovate Limited

Theo Tsenis

Researcher Fellow on Artificial Intelligence over transportation, seaport, airports, logistics, Structural Health Monitoring, CERTH/IMET

Evaggelos Christogiannis

Director of Track Maintenance at Greek Railways Organisation (OSE S.A.)

George Kalafatas, PHD

Traffic Engineer, Traffic Division, OSE

Iakovos Katsipis

Data Scientist, Plug Power Inc

Vassilys Fourkas





Peiraiws 100, Athina 118 54




Future Greek Rail Hackathon, is an open innovation technological action and aims to activate (community activation) the innovation ecosystem, organizations and companies to create original applications that promote the digital transformation of OSE through new and innovative social and innovative ideas with social impact.

You can apply here.

Express your interest through the form that you will find here.

To the team and its members. See the Terms and Conditions of Crowdhackathon here.

Yes, existing and new teams can certainly participate in the competition.

#futuregreekrailhackathon, #ose, #innovation

At Future Greek Rail Hackathon can participate scientists, engineers, programmers, economists, analysts and in general anyone who has an idea on issues related to the application of new technologies and is interested in developing it. The direction of creating groups between different subjects will be strengthened, as well as collaborations with external participants, such as professionals, academics, researchers or students.

We invite any interested individual, group or company to participate in the marathon:

  • by developing original methodologies and applications that address these problems (participants).
  • supporting this effort (mentors, sponsors, supporters, public organizations, companies, collective bodies).


  • (+30) 216 900 2600
  • Crowdpolicy

  • You can also express your interest in being a sponsor and / or sponsor, as well as a data provider.
    The management team will tell you about the process.




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