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The Enhancing Finance Training: The INFINITECH Approach Hack Challenge is an open innovation technological action and aims to activate (community activation) the innovation ecosystem, institutions and students to create original applications that promote the fintech digital transformation through new and innovative applications The Enhancing Finance Training.

The Enhancing Finance Training: The INFINITECH Approach Hack Challenge, will take place remotely, On Wednesday 24th November 2021.

The Hack Challenge, is powered by Crowdpolicy, with the support of Universities of Nicosia, Glasgow and Piraeus.

In the “Enhancing Finance Training: The INFINITECH Approach Hack Challenge” can participate students or teams of students from Universities of Nicosia, Glasgow and Piraeus, who have an idea on issues related to the application of new technologies (as described below) and are interested in developing it.

Hack Challenge Agenda

The main objectives

  • Create a culture of innovation and collaboration.
  • Support youth and innovative entrepreneurship, opportunities for young people, fight against unemployment.
  • Support local economies, as competitors from all University Partners will be able to participate.
  • Highlight smart and innovative solutions and the challenges created around finance training applications as well as the public dealing with related issues.
  • Improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of institutions dealing with social issues / social actions utilizing new emerging technologies.
  • Interconnection with the technological innovation and entrepreneurship community.
  • Creating an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship in actions related to finance training.


  • Profitability Estimation
  • Investment Data Utilization
  • Applications for Enhancing Finance Training
  • Collaborative filtering recommendation models
  • Collaborative Customer-centric Data Analytics for Financial Services
  • Personalized Portfolio Management / Automated Personalized Investment Recommendations for Retail Customer
  • Business Financial Management (BFM) tools for Smart Business Advice
  • Personalized Closed-Loop Investment Portfolio Management for Retail Customers
  • Financial transactions Data and Online Social media Data for KYC, AML or Stop the Traffic scenarios
  • Portfolio Optimization algorithm for better investment propositions for retail Clients
  • Enable SMEs to better understand & be in control of their business/financial health
  • Leverage large customer datasets and large volumes of customer-related alternative data sources (social media, news feeds, etc.)

Available Tools

INFINITECH Technology Marketplace

Solutions & Services for Finance

Data 4 your Product

See the datasets to be more creative

The winning proposals will be awarded with

3 complimentary conference tickets to Decentralized, the world’s premier learning conference on blockchain and digital currencies

A free six month fintech amazon cluster

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