Terms and Conditions for participation in Defence Innovation Challenge

  1. Each participant must carefully read the terms of this before registering for the Competition and submitting its proposal.
  2. Participation in the Competition implies the unconditional acceptance of all without exception the terms of the Competition and the relevant commitment of the participants.
  3. The competition is open to any natural person of Greek Citizenship, eighteen (18) years and over on the due date of the deadline for submission of proposals, who is a legal and permanent resident of Greece and is:
    • Permanent military and civilian personnel of the Armed Forces.
    • Scientific staff / students of the highest academic (AEI, ASEI, ASSY) institutions and research institutes of the country.
    • Staff of small, medium and start-up companies based in Greece and activity in the field of technology and innovation.
    • The academic and research institutions of the country.The small and medium enterprises of the country with activity in technology and innovation.
  4. Those interested can participate in the Competition individually or in groups, with one or more proposals, which are included in one of the Thematic Units of the Competition. In case of group participation, a natural person should be declared as a representative of the group, who will be the coordinator of the proposal and the person in charge of communication with the Organizer. After the deadline for submission of proposals, it is not allowed to add additional people to the proposal, nor to change the participation from individual to group.
  5. Proposals are written in Greek and submitted electronically.
  6. The participants in the Competition bear the full and exclusive responsibility of securing or any other protection of their submitted proposals, as well as of the rights deriving from them.
  7. The Organizer may at any stage of the Competition, request the relevant documents (identity card, passport, residence permit, etc.) to cross-check or identify the details of the participants in accordance with the above terms. In case of submission of a false declaration, the Organizer bears no responsibility and reserves the right to refuse participation in any phase of the Competition.
  8. Proposals that contain illegal or immoral content are excluded from the Competition. Proposals that are not related to any of the thematic sections of the Competition are also excluded.
  9. Those who participate in the evaluation process of the proposals can not participate in the Competition either as members of the Evaluation Committee of the Competition, or as rapporteurs of the Evaluation Committee, as well as their spouses and relatives up to the 2nd degree.
  10. Any printed or other material – part of the proposal that will be submitted in the context of the Competition, will not be returned to the participants.
  11. By submitting its proposal, each participant declares responsibly and guarantees that the proposal submitted in the Competition:
    a. It is submitted legally and in accordance with the terms of the Competition.
    b. Produced by himself (or the team he coordinates).
    c. It does not infringe copyright or other rights of any natural or legal person in Greece or abroad, otherwise that it is a beneficiary and / or that it has legally acquired all kinds of rights, such as, indicatively, third party intellectual property rights and all legal licenses connected or used for its production.
  1. Each participant assumes all responsibility for any claim made against the Organizer by third parties and relieves the Organizer, its employees and representatives, as well as the members of the Evaluation Committee from any liability for compensation, any costs and expenses or claims result from violations of the terms of the Competition or the rights of third parties, such as, for example, intellectual property rights.
  2. Each participant bears the exclusive and full responsibility towards the Organizer and all third parties for the proposal he submits and for the accuracy of the information he states.
  3. The Organizer has the right without prior notice, to modify the terms of the Competition or to postpone the procedure in each phase or to cancel the Competition, making ex-post announcements on the website of the Ministry of the Interior and without any liability to the participants in the Competition. or any third party.


  1. The prizes of the 1st Competition of Innovation and Technology of ED will be in two (2) levels:

    a. Cash prizes

The total cash prizes are set at € 18,000, and will be distributed as follows:

(1) The proposal that will collect the highest score will receive a prize of € 7,000.

(2) The proposal with the second highest score will receive a prize of € 5,000.

(3) The proposal with the third highest score will receive a prize of € 3,500.

(4) The proposal and the team that will have human resources exclusively in the age range 

18-23, will be awarded the Youth Innovation Award and will receive a prize of € 2,500.

b. Ethical rewards

(1) The ten (10) proposals with the highest score will be presented and will be awarded with a commemorative diploma by the Minister of National Defense (YETHA), in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Defense, the General Staff of National Defense (GEETHA), Hellenic Industry (EABI) and the Academic – Research Community. The award and presentation will take place during an innovation conference, which will take place after the completion of the Competition.

(2) In addition, the Ministry of Defence is committed to the priority examination of these proposals, as well as to the examination of funding for their further development, in accordance with the procedures provided by law.

  1. The Organizer reserves the right to publish the details of the winners on the official websites of the Ministry of Defence and its bodies, as well as in press releases, printed or electronic.
  2. In case of group participation award, the award will be received by the appointed coordinator / team representative.
  3. The Organizer provides its consent to the ten (10) winners of the Competition to use the official logo of the Competition to communicate / announce the results of the Competition on the website and their social media under the following conditions:
    a. Consent can be revoked at any time by the Organizer.
    b. The logo can be used by the ten (10) winners exclusively for their communication, which will concern their award in the Competition. The winners will not acquire any right other than the specific right of use and for the specific purpose.
    c. The ten (10) winners explicitly declare that they will protect the communication within the Competition on their website and social media from any offensivé, inappropriate, insulting, obscene or irrelevant content of the Competition, as well as from any threatening, slanderous, inaccurate, misleading, discriminatory, immoral, indecent, sexually explicit or pornographic or discriminatory content (gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, etc.), and any other content that could to damage the Organizer’s reputation, profile, principles and values.

Private Data

  1. In the context of this Competition, the Organizer may collect, as the Processor, personal data of the participants, such as their identification and contact information, which are necessary for the purpose of processing and only to the extent that they themselves disclose them. The Organizer takes all the necessary measures and takes care of the lawful and legal collection and processing of personal data as well as their safe keeping in accordance with the provisions of the General Regulation for Data Protection (Law 4624/19 “GKPD – GDPR” ) and in the specific regulatory framework for its implementation, safeguarding the confidentiality and confidentiality of any information known to it.
  2. The Organizer may use the personal data to communicate with the participants in the Competition and inform them about issues related to it, as well as to submit any proposals for cooperation to them.
  3. In case of “group participation”, the coordinator of the proposal declares responsibly and guarantees that he has received the previous order and authorization of each member of the team, to provide the Organizer with their explicit consent regarding the registration, processing and publication of the above their data for the purpose of the Competition as defined above, which will be made available to the Organizer whenever requested.
  4. The Organizer processes the personal data of the participants throughout the Competition and after its completion for as long as defined by the applicable legal and regulatory framework.
  5. The participants in the Competition state that they were informed about the registration of their personal data, the summary-material to be published, as well as the short biography of the candidates in Phase IV in a relevant file that will be kept by the Organizer. In addition, they have been informed of the processing of this information, in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legal and regulatory framework regarding the protection of personal data, by the Organizer and / or by third parties cooperating with him for the conduct of the Competition, exclusively and only for this purpose, as well as their publication in case they qualify for Phase IV on the official websites of the Ministry of the Interior and its bodies, as well as in press releases or entries in printed or electronic form. Also, the participants in the Competition consent to the publication of any of their photos or video material, in case of their award or participation in a draw, on the official websites of the Ministry of the Interior and its bodies, in press releases or print or electronic entries, as well as in advertising screenings for a period of up to five (5) years from the date of their publication. In this case, the participants have the right to withdraw their consent at any time, without prejudice to the legality of the processing based on the consent before its withdrawal.

Dispute Resolution

  1. The Competition and the terms of the Competition are governed by, interpreted and supplemented by the Greek Legislation. Any dispute arising from the Competition between the Organizer and the participants in the Competition will be resolved by the competent courts of Athens, after the parties have made an effort to resolve it amicably based on good faith, transactional manners and applicable practices.