Culture4Aegean Bootcamp

The Culture4Aegean Bootcamp Innovation Marathon is a technological action of open innovation and aims at the activation (community activation) of the innovation ecosystem, institutions and businesses, for the submission of ideas and proposals for digital applications that promote digital transformation to highlight the cultural product of the Municipality of Western Lesvos and its promotion with the support of the Department of Cultural Technology of the University of the Aegean.

On November 10, 2022, the Open Day
of the Culture 4 Aegean Bootcamp was completed.
It took place remotely. The aim of the open day
was to inform the people interested in the innovation
marathon about the process, objectives and thematic sections.


Antivirus Crowdhackathon as Greek National Curator at Pan European Hackathon #EUvs Virus in order to overcome the crisis of COVID-19

#EUvsVirus Pan - European Hackathon 24, 25 & 26 April 2020

Registrations will be open till 24th April 2020

We invite any interested individual, team or company to participate in the competition:

By developing innovative methodologies and applications that address these issues (participants - contestants).

By proposing issues or challenges related to the digital transformation of Sustainability that need a solution and by developing an application to tackle them (public submission of proposals - consultation).

Supporting this effort (mentors, sponsors, supporters, public organizations, companies, collective entities).


Culture4Aegean Bootcamp has the following main objectives:

Creating a culture of innovation and partnerships to find smart solutions in the field of Culture.

Supporting young and innovative entrepreneurship, opportunities for young people, combating unemployment.

Support for the local economy, as contestants from all over Greece will be able to participate.

Highlighting smart and innovative solutions to the problems and challenges that concern both the campaign's subjects and citizens dealing with related issues.

Improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of bodies dealing with cultural issues/cultural actions by exploiting the new emerging technologies.

Interface with the technological innovation and entrepreneurship community of our country.

Creating an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship in actions related to culture.


Thematic Areas

Highlighting a Cultural Product

  • Enhancing the visitor's experience by creating a virtual museum using augmented and virtual reality technologies.
  • Digital services for remote access to museums, monuments, archaeological sites etc
  • Digitization and visualization of cultural inventory (3D Scanning, Imaging).
  • Certification and documentation for authenticity of projects, with blockchain technologies.
  • Promotion of cultural product, electronic transactions and payments and sharing economy models (sharing economy, marketplaces).
  • Effective intellectual property management (eg NFTs).

Data Utilization

  • Data analysis and big data analytics.
  • Telematics data
  • Weather data
  • Use of any kind of open data (open data)
  • Traffic Data
  • Create dashboards for decision making
  • Recording and updating exhibits in cultural spaces and museums using open data
  • Utilization of open data for the development of alternative models of cultural product production

Smart Management Applications

  • Digital Ticket using new emerging technologies in the field of FinTech.
  • Loyalty and ticketing applications
  • Optimization of educational visits to cultural sites (bookings and planning)
  • Electronic payments through Open Banking technologies
  • Apps to inform the public about current cultural events (AI Chatbots, etc)
  • Promotion of cultural heritage (user guides, PolIs etc)
  • Art education applications
  • Digitization of processes and registers of cultural institutions to which citizens have access
  • Utilization of crowdsourcing methods for document management
  • Development of an information system to support the availability and distribution of audiovisual material as well as the retransmission of audiovisual content



Submission of Issues and Problems

Publishing Technical Specifications

Creating Teams with remote collaborative tools

Culture4Aegean Bootcamp

Presentation of ideas and solutions hybridly (both remotely and physically)


Along with the innovation marathon, we will be holding online creativity competitions for children and pupils, starting with a painting and crafts competition on #stayhome.


Cash prizes are provided for the winning teams.





Michael Psallidas

Managing Director, Crowdpolicy

Zacharo Ioakeim

Αντιδήμαρχος Πολιτισμού & Παιδείας

Aphrodite Vati

Αντιδήμαρχος Τουρισμού & Πρόεδρος Ν.Π.Δ.Δ. Πολιτισμού, Τουρισμού & Αθλητισμού Δήμου Δυτικής Λέσβου

Christos Kalloniatis

Associate Professor and President of the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication of the University of the Aegean



Michael Psallidas

Managing Director, Crowdpolicy

Christos Kalloniatis

Associate Professor and President of the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication of the University of the Aegean

Dimitris Panopoulos

Labour Market Data Analyst , Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs DG CONNECT National Expert REBRAIN GREECE Technical Coordinator

Dimitris Kavroudakis

Assistant Professor of Geographical Analysis, Department of Geography, University of the Aegean

Kostas Topouzelis

Assistant Professor, University of the Aegean/Department of Marine Science

Marios Balis

Περιβαλλοντολόγος | Μέλος ΕΤΕΠ στο Τμήμα Περιβάλλοντος του Πανεπιστημίου Αιγαίου

Theodoros Kotzastavros

Open Innovation Lead, Crowdpolicy

Gerasimos D. Pavlogeorgatos

Professor University of the Aegean

Vyron Vasileiadis

Senior Software Engineer | MCT

Vlasios Kasapakis

Assistant professor, Department of Cultural Technology & Communication

Dr. Konstantinos Kotis

Assistant Professor, Intelligent Systems Lab, Dept. of Cultural Technology and Communication, University of the Aegean

Evangelia Kavakli

Professor, Department of Cultural Technology and Communication University of the Aegean

Evangelia Sampanikou

Professor, University of the Aegean

Aggeliki Politaki

Διευθύντρια Τουρισμού Περιφέρειας Β. Αιγαίου MSc Κοινωνιολόγος, Κοιν. Ανθρωπολόγος.



The Culture4Aegean Bootcamp will be the second open innovation action aimed at community and business activation to create innovative applications that contribute through technology and digitization to the goals of sustainability, education and entrepreneurship.

You can apply here.

Express your interest through the form that you will find here.

To the team and its members. See the Terms and Conditions of Crowdhackathon here.

Yes, existing and new teams can certainly participate in the competition.

At Culture4Aegean Bootcamp can participate scientists, engineers, programmers, economists, analysts and in general anyone who has an idea on issues related to the application of new technologies and is interested in developing it. The direction of creating groups between different subjects will be strengthened, as well as collaborations with external participants, such as professionals, academics, researchers or students.

We invite any interested individual, group or company to participate in the marathon:

  • by developing original methodologies and applications that address these problems (participants).
  • supporting this effort (mentors, sponsors, supporters, public organizations, companies, collective bodies).


  • (+30) 216 900 2600
  • Crowdpolicy

  • You can also express your interest in being a sponsor and / or sponsor, as well as a data provider.
    The management team will tell you about the process.




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