Cyber 4.0 Hackathon

Cyber ​​4.0 Hackathon is an open innovation technology action co-organized by technology and innovation company Crowdpolicy in colaboration with the Information Security Forum and aims to activate the innovation ecosystem to create innovative applications that promote cybersecurity to support the digital transformation of organizations.




Antivirus Crowdhackathon as Greek National Curator at Pan European Hackathon #EUvs Virus in order to overcome the crisis of COVID-19

#EUvsVirus Pan - European Hackathon 24, 25 & 26 April 2020

Registrations will be open till 24th April 2020

On Tuesday 21st December 2021, the Open Day of the EKDDA Gov 5.0 Hackathon, the innovation marathon in Public Administration and Local Government organized by the National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government (EKDDA), was successfully completed.


We invite any interested individual, team or company to participate in the competition:

By developing innovative methodologies and applications that address these issues (participants - contestants).

Supporting this effort (mentors, sponsors, supporters, public organizations, companies, collective entities).


Cyber ​​4.0 Hackathon has the following key broad social and long-term goals:

Creating a culture of innovation and collaboration


Support for youth and innovative entrepreneurship, opportunities for young people, fight against unemployment


Support to the local economy, as competitors from all over Greece will be able to participate


Highlighting smart and innovative solutions to the problems and challenges that concern both the Information Security Forum and the citizens who deal with related issues


Improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of cybersecurity systems utilizing new emerging technologies


Interconnection of the Information Security Forum with the technological innovation and entrepreneurship community of our country


Indicative Thematic Areas

Data Security

  • Optimization of Database Protection Procedures
  • Easy and understandable information sharing
  • Prediction and surveillance systems
  • Utilization of Blockchain technology
  • Security and validity of procedures

Malware analysis and prediction

  • Real-time monitoring of devices and applications
  • Forecasting and management mechanisms
  • AI and Machine Learning applications
  • Big Data Management
  • Use of open data by startups and other innovators

Web application security

  • Electronic Movement of Documents and Public Data through Transparency
  • Protection of Push Notification systems for immediate information of those interested
  • Use of AI, Digital Assistants and Machine learning for application protection
  • Ways of transferring know-how
  • Educational programs
  • Run DevSecOps in a secure environment (containers)

Network Security

  • Management and utilization of new technologies
  • Monitoring data flow within corporate networks
  • Predicting malicious activity through preventive monitoring of data flow in corporate and inter-corporate networks


  • May 2022

    Open Call

  • September 2022

    Open Day

  • September 2022

    Technical Specifications

  • 30 Sep - 2 Oct 2022

    Cyber 4.0 Hackathon


Submission of Issues and Problems

Publishing Technical Specifications

Creating Teams with remote collaborative tools

Cyber 4.0 Hackathon

Presentation of ideas and solutions hybridly (both remotely and physically)


Along with the innovation marathon, we will be holding online creativity competitions for children and pupils, starting with a painting and crafts competition on #stayhome.


For the winning teams


The ISF is a leading global authority on information security and risk management.
The ISF has been helping organisations develop cyber resilience for over 30 years and our Members range from Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000 listed corporations to public sector bodies and government departments. Dedicated to meeting the increasing demand for practical business-driven solutions to cyber security and risk management problems, the ISF undertakes a leading-edge research programme, providing Members with the opportunity to develop best practices and share a wealth of expertise. The key event enabling Members to do this is the ISF World Congress.
You can find more information at




Michael Psallidas

Managing Director, Crowdpolicy

Dimitris Panopoulos

Labour Market Data Analyst , Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs DG CONNECT National Expert REBRAIN GREECE Technical Coordinator

Prof. Sokratis Katsikas

Director, Norwegian Center for Cybersecurity in Critical Sectors (NORCICS)

Thomas Dompridis

Head of the General Directorate of Cyber Security of the Ministry of Digital Government (National Cyber Security Authority). 

Dr. Matthew Maheras

IT Manager Metrostar Management Corp , Vice President Board of AMMITEC

Themistoklis Sardis

IT Μanager Costamare Shipping, President Board of AMMITEC

Phd Michalis Michaloliakos

Head of ICT & Cyber Security Services, TMS Cardiff Gas Greece

Pavlos Gerardos

IT Infrastructure Supervisor & Information Security Officer

Paul Watts

Distinguished Analyst, ISF

Paul Holland

Principal Research Analyst, ISF


Cyber ​​4.0 Hackathon is an open innovation technology action by technology and innovation company Crowdpolicy with the Information Security Forum and aims to activate the innovation ecosystem to create innovative applications that promote cybersecurity to support the digital transformation of organizations.

You can apply here.

Express your interest through the form that you will find here.

To the team and its members. See the Terms and Conditions of Crowdhackathon here.

Yes, existing and new teams can certainly participate in the competition.

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At Cyber 4.0 Hackathon of the Information Security Forum, engineers, programmers, economists, analysts and in general anyone who has an idea on issues related to Cybersecurity and is interested in developing it in a complete application will be able to participate. The direction of team building will be strengthened, as well as collaborations with external participants, such as professionals, academics, researchers or students.

We invite any interested individual, group or company to participate in the marathon:

  • by developing original methodologies and applications that address these problems (participants).
  • supporting this effort (mentors, sponsors, supporters, public organizations, companies, collective bodies).


  • (+30) 216 900 2600
  • Crowdpolicy

  • You can also express your interest in being a sponsor and / or sponsor, as well as a data provider.
    The management team will tell you about the process.




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